Social Responsibility

Community & Social Responsibility

OTSi is committed to positively contributing and making a difference the local regions in which we work and live, as well as our global community.

Under this Community and Social Responsibility Policy, we are committed to supporting and encouraging personal and professional contributions from employees to environmental, community and social initiatives to enhance the fabric of the locations in which we operate and the world at large.

Financial Contributions

We recognize the importance of financial support to communities and organizations with the intent to make a positive impact on our society. We embrace the compassionate desire of our employees and as an organization to support disaster relief, education and leadership programs reflecting our core values and desire to make an impact.

  • As an organization, we give back a percentage of our resources in time and financial contributions.
  • We encourage our regional offices and employees to seek, recommend and sponsor organizations and events that promote global and individual responsibility

Volunteer Policy

At OTSi, we encourage our employees to provide help and support, through volunteering time and talent.
We are committed to:

  • Sponsoring community events that impact and make a difference
  • Encouraging our team members to volunteer their time in community groups, education, and non-profit organizations
  • Providing sponsorship for education and job placement
  • Time off for staff, and other expenses associated with sponsored volunteer events

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Individual Responsibility

At its core, Community, and Social responsibility are reflected in how we treat other human beings in our businesses, communities, neighborhoods, and homes.

At OTSi, we create opportunities for people to enhance their work-life balance and promote a positive environment for career satisfaction and individual achievement.