At OTSI we create opportunities for people to enhance their work life balance, and promote a positive environment for career satisfaction and individual achievement.

We believe strongly that our work environment and the values that we reflect as an organization promote individual, regional and global empowerment.


We at OTSI believe that Innovation is not an option for improvement but a necessity to success.

Our teams constantly strives to innovate the quality of the service offerings that makes us truly different from other players.


At OTSI we encourage and create an environment of trust & collaboration which allows and help employees to learn from successes & analyze failures and celebrate both. While doing this it has really increased the customer satisfaction and also employee morale.


At OTSI, we celebrate the success of our employees, we identify an opportunity to praise our employees whether it is during the monthly birthday bash or town hall meetings or just a pat on back.


Our employees have a fast paced career opportunities which not only allows them to grow in their respective technology/domain/function but also helps to pursue cross functional/technical careers within OTSI.

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Work Life Balance

Employees are been provided with different flexible work hours which allows them to have a stress free work.


Our benefits are structured to provide a good financial, physical & emotional health. We offerHealth Insurance Programs & Wellness programs, employee services, and education programs to our employees.

Diverse Opportunities

We celebrate diversity at work, and we firmly believe in strengthening our culture by encouraging diversity in the teams. We have our employees work with each other with common interest through our various forums such are TOS Club, Sports club, Team NEWS. People from different cultures and backgrounds come together to learn from each other, stir creativity, test out ideas and find opportunities for career advancement.